About Us

Our company is a Diversified Body-fashion Manufacturer in the women-underwear industry. We are manufacturing such as brassiere and lingerie etc.

We set up Subsidiaries Company in Zhejiang Province China and Phnom Penh Cambodia,「quality」and 「mobile power」is the motto for our production. Our fundamental belief is that making excellent products, offering faster response、 and offering quality goods will help earn trust from our clients.

Tetsuro Nosaka


We believe that without a trustworthy relationship between customers, staff members and those involved in production, it is impossible to provide high quality products. This is the basis of our management philosophy.

Quality and Organizational power

Our products are created through a multi-stage process, even if one person makes a mistake, defective goods will not be produced. We believe that everyone involved in production must keep the goal of creating effective products at the front of their priorities. Building such an organizational mentality is the most important part of production.

Proposing power

The mission of our company is not solely to offer fantastic design and effective products.
In order to give our clients the highest level of satisfaction possible, we also aim to provide high levels of comfort and functionality. We want to contribute to an improvement in production overall.


To satisfy our customer, another important element is providing a reasonable price. We wish to continue to be a company that is always thinking from the customer’s viewpoint, that avoids any needless waste, and offers goods at a reasonable price.

    By carrying out thorough quality control, cost control, and delivery control,
    And by offering satisfied and responsible goods,
    Our company wishes to continue development.
    So our employees may continue to live a steady life and improve their living conditions.

Small Group Activity

We believe that respecting one’s individuality and stressing creative ability is what will help provide companies with energy and enthusiasm in the coming era. Twenty years have passed since the period of Fukui wrap knitting; Through a group activity named QP (quality + Price), we implement new proposals, ideas and advice into our management; allowing us to continue to prosper and develop.

Benefits Package

To develop more friendly ties and better communication between our independent work sites and operations we have set up a subsidy system. We also co-host company trips and recreational meetings with the union, and have initiated [Yamanashi] golf club as an institution member.

Specialist Personnel & Contract Employee System

The people who have technical knowledge, selling know-how, experience, regardless of age and sex, we welcome you joining our company under a flexible personnel system.

Disclosure of Corporate Information

Aiming to raise our staff’s awareness of company management we provide information such as monthly closings, profit planning, and personnel rating systems openly to employees.